Hurricane Joaquin Category 3 Hurricane 115 mph & Still Strengthening!

Air Force recon after the advisory was issued shows that the 1mb per hour deepening rate continues and the lowest

GFS Model Brings Hurricane Joaquin To NJ, NYC, Long Island But Is It Right?

Before the Sandy II panic sets in we have to ask the obvious question. Is the GFS model right with

Hurricane Joaquin Strengthening Rapidly: Winds 105 mph Eye Forming

Reports from an Air Force plane found that Joaquim is strengthening rapidly. Maximum sustained winds are now 105 mph and

Hurricane Joaquin Forecast to Category 3 Hurricane By Friday

Satellite loops show Hurricane Joaquin is a very well defined and well formed hurricane and everything points to continued strengthening.

Hurricane Joaquin Threat to East Coast However European Model Still Says NO!

We have yet to resolve the one outstanding issue and that is the fact that the European Model continues to stand virtually alone in

Hurricane Joaquin Continues To Strengthen Winds: 85 mph

Satellite loops show Hurricane Joaquin continuing to intensify as the pressure falls continue at the rate of about 1mb per