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  • Mixed Conditions Today Nice Monday Shower Chances Increase Tuesday Through Friday

    Mixed Conditions Today Nice Monday Shower Chances Increase Tuesday Through Friday

    Bands of Rain Moving Southwest From Coastal Storm Offshore We are looking at mixed weather conditions today as clouds moved in from the west overnight. The ocean storm is long gone out to the east. The weather system from the Great Lakes is weakening as it moves eastward but the satellite picture does show surviving clouds moving east. There are however breaks in the cloud cover so we should see the sun making several attempts to break through the clouds today. Temperatures are on an uptrend as we should see highs in the 60s away from the ocean.


    storm free



    storm free

    There is a weak cold front o the west and the regional radar this morning is picking up on some light showers moving across Western NY and Central Pennsylvania. Some of these showers will survive while others will weaken. So it is a little bit of everything today for everyone. Much of the time it will be rain free. Some of the time the sun will break through, and the rest of the time it will be all about clouds.

    A cold front makes it through here tonight with the risk for a passing shower and lows mostly in the 40s by morning. Skies should clear out and that sets up for a nice sunny day on Monday. Highs will be mainly in the 60s away from the ocean and we could see temperatures a little higher than forecast inland.

    Tuesday begins what I would describe as a variable stretch of weather taking us through the rest of the weak as several weather systems head our way. The upper air pattern remains "blocky" in nature. In other words the jet stream across the US especially in the Eastern US is suppressed well to the south of normal. No Major Storms Around But A "Blocky" Pattern Ahead Sunday Morning Coffee With Cioffi & Rao Notice toward the upper right of this loop you see a stationary area of brown and orange. That is a blocking high that is helping to shift a colder flow in the US and especially into the East. This is also going to be an active flow though at the moment we don't see anything phasing together to form a major weather system. Minor systems however are swinging around from the north and we also have a system in the southern stream from off California moving eastward. No Major Storms Around But A "Blocky" Pattern Ahead Sunday Morning Coffee With Cioffi & Rao The first of these weak weather systems arrives Tuesday with low pressure in Southern Wisconsin that will be moving southeast to the Middle Atlantic coast. That will put us in clouds, and onshore flow and a chance for showers late Tuesday into Wednesday. Highs will be into the 60s Tuesday. The track of the low makes for tricky forecasts Wednesday through Friday. North of the frontal boundary it will be in the 40s and 50s. South of the boundary it will reach the 60s and 70s. Further north tracks of the surface low in Wisconsin to New Jersey rather than Virginia sets up a warmer Wednesday temperature wise with 50s from NYC north and east to 70s from Philadelphia south and west. We will resolve this in the next day or two. More weather systems are on the way for the end of next week including a cold front for late Thursday into early Friday and perhaps as stronger storm system next weekend.




    Please note that with regards to any severe weather,  tropical storms, or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.