Hurricane Joaquin Heading Northeast Toward Bermuda

Hurricane Joaquin continues to move away from the Bahamas and an eye is forming again so we may be seeing

Severe Coastal Flooding in South Jersey

Wildwood Beach is completely under water after the high tide tonight. Severe coastal flooding is occurring through much of coastal

Joaquin Out To Sea, But Noreaster Conditions Continue Through Saturday

We are continuing to experience noreaster conditions here for tonight and Saturday. THIS IS NOT PART OF THE HURRICANE BUT

Joaquin Turns Toward the North, Winds 130 mph Category 4 Hurricane

Hurricane Joaquin looks to moving more toward the north northwest now along 75 west judging by the last few pics

Tight Pressure Gradient Producing Gales & Coastal Flooding

The pressure gradient along the northeast corridor remains very tight and will continue to remain tight probably through the weekend.

GFS Model Pulls Left But Can It Be Trusted? Waiting for the Euro (Again!)

I mentioned on my post about Hurricane Joaquin at 11pm that when you look at loops and current weather going