Coastal Flood Warnings New Jersey But Sky Conditions Should Improve Today

For the New Jersey shore we perhaps another 2 high tide cycles with Coastal Flood Warnings to work through before

Hurricane Joaquin Heading Northeast Toward Bermuda

Hurricane Joaquin continues to move away from the Bahamas and an eye is forming again so we may be seeing

Hurricane Joaquin Winds 125 mph Pounding Central Bahamas

Air force recon this morning reported winds of 119 kts so while the official max sustained wind is 125 mph

Eye of Hurricane Joaquin over Central Bahamas: Winds 120 mph

The eye of Hurricane Joaquin is over the central Bahamas this morning with maximum sustained winds at 120 mph. Hurricane

Hurricane Joaquin Strengthening Rapidly: Winds 105 mph Eye Forming

Reports from an Air Force plane found that Joaquim is strengthening rapidly. Maximum sustained winds are now 105 mph and

Hurricane Joaquin Forecast to Category 3 Hurricane By Friday

Satellite loops show Hurricane Joaquin is a very well defined and well formed hurricane and everything points to continued strengthening.