Tranquil Weather Means Download My Weather Forecast App To Be Prepared

As the weather continues to change over the coming weeks so you should be prepared with the best weather forecast app. Severe weather doesn’t always play out according to plan. We saw Hurricane Joaquin change course and thankfully away from the United States but a separate system in the northeast created noreaster that brought serious coastal flooding and beach erosion. Now that the weather is transitioning as we head deeper into autumn, it might be a very good time to download and subscribe. Long range forecasts are calling for a mid month change. Beyond that winter is going to soon be here and we will probably have our fair share of storms and all the forecast headaches that go with it.

You need accurate timely forecasts that make sense and are tailored to your areas. Take the opportunity now to download my weather forecast app and subscribe to my forecasts. Forecasts are available for Southeastern New York Long Island Northern New Jersey and the Hudson Valley. 2 other zones are available, Central & Southern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and the other is Connecticut. Forecasts are updated twice a day in normal conditions and more frequently during active stormy periods. The app is free and a subscription is just 99 cents a month! The app is totally free of web advertisements and there are no security or tracking issues. Should you need something really really specific either for your neighborhood or perhaps you are travellingon vacation or business, then use the concierge service on the app for just $3.99 per special request. It is a quick and easy way to have your own handy personal forecaster available to help you make crucial decisions that are important to you.

For I phone and Apple users you can go to the apple store by using this link. Andriod users just click on the the google play button to take you straight to the Google Play Store. 
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