With the noreaster conditions slowly but surely relaxing, we have a relatively quiet week ahead of us. There is still the risk of coastal flooding today in New Jersey however with the wind turning more parallel to the beach as opposed being directly perpendicular to the coast, flooding should be less in most areas except perhaps in the most vulnerable of places.

gfs24 gfs48Hurricane Joaquin is still on the edge of our maps into Tuesday but the further east track probably means the ocean while remaining rough will not be extreme enough to extend the coastal flooding issues. Also you can see how the gradient relaxes into Tuesday. Sky wise it should be partly sunny though there may be some cloud issues along the coast on Monday. By Tuesday those issues should disappear and we should be partly to mostly sunny Tuesday through Thursday. By Thursday we have high pressure building down from the north which will probably cool temperatures off a few degrees on Thursday. Monday we should see 60s..Tuesday and Wednesday upper 60s to lower 70s and then back to 60s on Thursday.

The only chance for rain looks to be on Friday as a cold front approaches and moves on through. This does not look to be a big rain producer other than some showers when it goes by Friday afternoon. The weekend looks good overall with another front possibly dropping down from the north on Sunday but there probably won’t be any weather with that.

gfs90 gfs120

Now beyond next weekend the pattern as we mentioned yesterday in our Joestradamus piece appears to be in transition. The GFS model is insisting on a much colder look for mid month and beyond. The European does not go far enough out to see beyond day 10. The overall flow across the United States in the next week to 10 days does not favor much storminess.

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