Weather Outlook: Cold Front Friday, Otherwise Dry Through Columbus Day

There really isn’t too much to worry about in the weather outlook for this coming week. One noreaster, one major hurricane and a fairly strong cold front dominated the weather scene last week so usually when the atmosphere expends a lot of energy it is only natural that we should see a period of quiet for a week or so and that seems to be the case this week. The first change if you want to call it that comes later Wednesday into Thursday as a dry air mass is replaced by a slightly cooler dry air mass and the front with that moves through Wednesday morning and you will hardly notice it other than a slight wind shift. Instead of highs in the low to mid 70s like we will see Tuesday and Wednesday, Thursday we will see highs in the mid to upper 60s so no big deal here. The other issue will be how much if any cloud cover we will see and even that looks to be fairly minimal.

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Friday we see the arrival of a more important cold front in that it will have a stronger feature aloft to work with and a little bit of moisture so there will be clouds and showers with that. Behind this front is another dry air mass that should take us through the Columbus Day holiday weekend without too much trouble. The day to day forecast issues will be how much if any cloud cover and temperatures which should be close to seasonal. The only issue is whether the front gets hung up for awhile early on Saturday. The European is indicating this possibility but for now we will remain optimistic that the front will just move along with no issues.

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Longer range beyond Columbus day there appears to be a few things going on that could favor a shot of very cool air coming down at some point later next week. We are still at the point where the tropics could rear their ugly head one more time though there is nothing out there to worry about at this point. Some of the models in the long range want to develop a couple of tropical systems but Im not putting any value in this until we get into a more reliable short range and that isn’t for awhile so we will lay that aside for now. JOESTRADAMUS may have something to say about the long range later today or tonight on this.

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