Siberian Snow Cover Forecast To Continue Rapid Growth Until End of October.

We are coming into to the home stretch regarding Siberian snow cover growth and the all important growth rate which

First Snow For Parts of the Northeast, Siberian Snow Growth Continues Strong

Looks like they got a few inches of snow upstate in Wilmington, New York. Thanks to Robert Maffia for these

JOESTRADAMUS: Siberian Snow Cover Growth Lower Than Previous 2 Winters (So Far)

While baseball is in the midst of playoffs with Met fans glued to their sets, JOESTRADAMUS along with some meteorologists,

JOESTRADAMUS Siberian Snow Cover Forecast to Grow Rapidly Next 10 days.

Siberian snow cover growth is underway and this has become the new heavily watched indicator and one that JOESTRADAMUS watches

Siberian Snow Cover Growth Underway!

Slight change of subject with all the attention that Hurricane Joaquin is getting. However October 1st is an important day