First Snow For Parts of the Northeast, Siberian Snow Growth Continues Strong


Looks like they got a few inches of snow upstate in Wilmington, New York. Thanks to Robert Maffia for these shots. The snowfall has been limited and elevation driven  but it is creating reaction from some locals upstate I know who said something to the effect of ” what is that white shit coming out of the sky?”snow101720152

It will be ruler season soon enough but with the cold unstable air there are some pockets from Northwest Pennsylvania to Northern New England that could see a few inches but again elevation will drive amounts. The lake effect machine is producing some moisture but temperatures there at the ground are warm enough to prevent any serious accumulation. None of the weather service office forecasts I looked at showed much except for a inch or so here and there…and no one has activated their snowfall forecast maps as of late this afternoon as I checked the lot from Maine to Western New York. The GFS snowfall map has some snow on it but the dark blues to me only represent trace amounts and not enough to even whiten the ground in most places, unless it falls overnight.


Meanwhile on the other side of the world Siberian snowcover growth continues and over the next 10 days the GFS continues a rapid expansion. Heavy snows are forecast south of 60 degrees north through the 10 day period and this is the area that is the focus. Remember it is not the amount of snow cover but the rate of growth that is most important. It appears that the rate of growth will be rather robust as we head into the next 10 days.

For the latest on the long range check Joestradamus fo more on the next 10 days. Freeze warnings are up for us tonight and Sunday night and we have the latest on that as well.

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