Siberian Snow Cover Growth Underway!

Slight change of subject with all the attention that Hurricane Joaquin is getting. However October 1st is an important day as we begin to watch snow cover over Siberia and how fast grows during the month. Some researchers have a fast rate of snow cover growth  (south of 60 degrees North) to harsh Northeast winters. Now whether there are holes in the theory or not is not the point here. We are going to watch the snowcover growth and see what clues it gives us.





You can see the growth over the last 10 days has been substantial. It looks like the snow cover has more than doubled over the last 10 days especially in Alaska. But remember September doesn’t count. It is October that matters so we will see how this goes. We have prior stories on Siberian snow cover regarding how this all works.

What we are going to do is continue to monitor and report on this on a weekly basis and of course the experts will be chiming in on this because we not only have to watch the snow cover growth, but we also need to watch how fast the ice forms and the Arctic Ocean freezes because that may impact moisture content and affect snow cover growth as well. While the ice was at its second lowest on record a few weeks ago the refreezing has begun and the rate of ice growth has been rather rapid.

arcticicegrowthSo the question will be whether a fast rate of ice increase cuts down on snow cover south of 60 degrees north. The snowcover at this point can change quickly even over a couple of days. But the month is long and it is how fast we grow and where we finish that counts.


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