Thanksgiving & Black Friday define perhaps 2 things that are very important and those 2 things are eating and shopping! Weatherwise we are in a good spot through the weekend overall with just some minor issues tonight with the possibility of patchy dense fog and on Saturday when there could be a few spot showers. Other than that the weather through Monday is going to be tranquil.

This is not the case today west of the Mississippi this Thanksgiving as we have the storm in the northern Rockies shifting northeast into the northern plains and on the southern end of this back through Texas and Oklahoma we have moistuer coming in along with a tropical feed from whatever will be left from Hurricane Sandra. Ice Storm conditions will develop from North Texas northeastward into Kansas. You can see on the satellite loop that we are in between that and a system off the east coast with the ridge right in the middle from Maine to Florida. Other than passing cloud we are in good shape today. Eat away and enjoy your family and the festivities!


Temperatures today will be nice and mild as highs approach 60 in most places. There will be a few pockets of lower 60s in southern areas of our zones. It will be a little cooler as you head north but it still means above normal temperatures everywhere.

thursday thanksgiving black friday

One issue for tonight will be the onshore flow that will bring in some low level mositure. As skies may be clear for awhile this evening some patchy dense fog could develop in places so take some extra care if you are driving home tonight. Friday may start with some morning low clouds and fog but there should be some sunshine breaking through in places and that shoudl take temperatures into the 60s.

friday thanksgiving black friday

Saturday we have a cold front coming through and there could be a few spot showers with that along with clouds but no heavy rains or a washout is forecast. There should be some long dry periods during the day. Sunday we will go to clouds and some sunshine but temperatures which beging cooling off on Saturday will cool off further on Sunday. Highs Saturday will be in the low to mid 50s while Sunday’s highs will be just in the 40. Rainfall forecast amounts are fairly minimal.

precip thanksgiving black friday

Longer term we should be dry Monday and the a good chance for showers on Tuesday as a stronger cold front approaches. Highs Monday in the 40s and Tuesday we will be back into the 50s. Models are pointing to a possibility of something along the east coast at the end of next week but there is way too much uncertainty at this point. Once again HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!