No Issues Today Into Early Thursday Before Major Storm Hits With Strong Winds Rain & Cold

No Issues Today Into Early Thursday Before Major Storm Hits With Strong Winds Rain & Cold

We have a couple of day of decent weather to get through before we have to deal with this major storm that will be developing in the Plains and heads to the Great Lakes. At the moment we have a storm spinning south of Nova Scotia and high pressure that is squeezed in between it and the action that is starting in the Western US. This will be a day of sunshine and it will be chilly though seasonal for this time of year. Highs wil reach the upper 30s to arond 40 with no issues to worry about. Local radars are quiet.


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storm free

There is a storm system moving across Florida bringing rain there and to parts of the coastal Southeast US but that system is moving straight east. Skies tonight will be mostly clear with lows in the 20s to around 30. Wednesday will be another nice day of sunshine and highs will reach the upper 30s and lower 40s.

Weather conditions will deteriorate on Thursday. High pressure moves out to the northeast and rain develops to our south in the Carolains and begins to move northward. This will lead to increasing and thickening clouds with rain developing from south to north during the afternoon and then heading northeast into New England Thursday night. Temperatures Thursday will be in the 40s.

It will rain Thursday night into Friday morning as the front goes by. During Thursday night the south wind will start to increase and we will have a very windy day Friday. It is likely we will see wind advisories posted and high wind warnings are not out of the question especially for Southern New England. Winds will gust over 50 mph and temperatures will rise into the 50s.

South facing shorelines in Southern and Southeastern New England as well as Long Island should prepare for some coastal flooding with this system. The strong south winds will pile water on to the coast and we also have a new moon Friday so tides will be rising regardless. Later Friday another round of showers and downpours will develop and move west to east with some heavy downpours. Once the front passes temperatures will fall quickly and the rain will end but temperatures will fall fast.

Models are suggesting that we will drop from the middle 50s at 1pm to the mid 20s by 7pm and into the teens by midnight. This opens the door to the possiblity of a flash freeze in some areas and that will depend on when the rain ends and how much time we have in between the rain ending and the moisture freezing on surfaces. We won’t really be able to figure that part out until Friday morning but I thought it wise to mention it now. Also some areas well end could briefly change to snow before it ends but outside of whtening the ground there should be no issues. Skies will clear out quickly. Winds will be strong and shift to the northwest with gusts over 40 mph Friday night into Saturday morning. Saturday morning lows will be in the teens with some single digits well inland.

Though winds may ease slightly it will still be windy on Saturday Christmas Eve with some sunshine. Highs will be just in the low to mid 20s though it will be warmer in Southeastern New England with highs in the lower 30s there. Wind chills will knock off about 10 to 15 degrees in terms of how it feels. Saturday night will be very cold indeed with lows in the teens to single digits by Sunday, Christmas morning.

Winds will ease a bit more Sunday but it will still breezy with sunshine. Highs will just be in the mid to upper 20s which is about 15 degrees below where we should be for this time of year. Next week will be a calmer week and temperatures will slowly moderate. It should also be dry for much of the week with no rain or snow in the forecast until the end of the week at the earliest.




Please note that with regards to any severe weather,  tropical storms, or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.