Long Island Record Lows Forecast Tonight & Wednesday

Long Island Record Lows Forecast Tonight & Wednesday

Many Long Islanders saw their first snowflakes of the season. Thankfully it didn’t amount to anything other than a reminder that we are on the road to winter and it is only the middle of November. Record lows are likely Wednesday morning. First of is the record low for today is 25 set back in 2001 and if we get there before midnight we will take that out.

Long Island Record Lows Forecast Tonight & Wednesday

The record low for Wednesday November 13 is 24 which was also set in 2001. That one is definitely going to be broken as we are headed to the upper teens and lower 20s by morning.


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As far as the first snows are concerned, the slow moving cold front is continuing to edge to the east. The precipitation is gone and we see the clearing line on the satellite just to our west and it will be moving through this evening. Skies clear out tonight and add the wind to the equation and we going to see wind chills in the teens to near 10 in some places.


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Wednesday we will get only the relief you might see in a cold air mass and it isn’t much. Another record that is going to be broken on Wednesday is the record low high temperature making it the coldest daytime high for the date. 39 is the old record set back in 2013 and we may not get much past 34 or 35 for the high in spite of a good deal of sunshine.

Wednesday night is a bit tricky High pressure will move to our north into New England which is typically how we see some of our coldest temperatures. On the other side of that is the fact that the core of this cold air mass will have already past. Clear skies and light winds opens the door to some radiational cooling. This could take cold spots in Suffolk County well down into the teens overnight into Thursday morning while warmer locations will head down to the lower 20s. If clouds don’t rush in before daybreak, we could see more temperature records set. Those clouds come in thanks to an onshore wind. Clouds will probably keep temperatures from getting much above the upper 30s to lower 40s.

We should moderate on Friday back to 50 or better before another cold front comes in Friday night. No rain is forecast. We should see sunshine for a good part of the day Friday. Then colder air is here for the weekend. A coastal storm forms off the southeast coast. We don’t expect it to move up the coast this weekend but it will keep us in a chilly onshore flow over the weekend with below average temperatures.


Please note that with regards to any tropical storms or hurricanes, should a storm be threatening, please consult your local National Weather Service office or your local government officials about what action you should be taking to protect life and property.

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