Today was a very good day to head out on the boat and Joe did just that with his friend Phil. The waters of Long Island Sound were pretty easy to navigate today and we had loads of fun fishing out brains out all morning and into the mid afternoon. This was my friend Phil taking in one of the bigger porgies of the day.

Porgies were plentiful and really big today. We caught over a dozen of them which were over 15 inches long! I also got a really small fluke that grabbed my hook using clams for bait. Only one sea robin was in the mix today which was good. It really was a great day. Here are just a few pictures. I managed to get 2 small porgies at the same time but they were throw backs as they were too small but it was fun hauling 2 in at the same time.fishing08312015







fishing8The summer time fun continues this week with the Labor Day holiday weekend coming up and im sure there are other surprises in store. With water temps in the upper 70s along parts of the Long Island South Shore I think another beach trip is in order this week with the hot weather still with us. By the way a local fish market cleaned all my porgies for me and filleted them into nice pieces and did not charge me anything for the work!  Thank you so much to the Land & Sea Fish and Lobster Corp on 25a /347 in Port Jefferson NY . They did a great job and I just threw them into my cast iron skillet with a little extra virgin olive oil. Absolutely delicious. Fishing for porgies was pretty easy. We went out into waters between 50 and 70 feet deep and used clam bait and they just jumped all over that bait. No sea bass today which was a little disappointing. I would have liked to have gotten one of those.