Another day, a new month, kids back to school, pool closing today (either it was today or in October) and it is back up to 90 degrees again which makes it day 3. Now I know that the new heatwave criteria is 90 plus for 3 days but I’m sticking personally with the 90 5 day rule. I need it to get to Thursday which seems a pretty good bet to me.

Once you get the kids on the bus head for the beaches if you can as this could be a perfect beach day. Low risk of rip currents..sunshine, temps in the low 80s at the shore and water temps in the mid to upper 70s which is as warm as it gets up here.

It looks like 2 more days of 90 plus before we get a break from the heatwave. A cold front looks like it has the strength to get through here late Thursday and it could mean 3 good days of lower temps and humidity. There is still no indication of any widespread rain anytime soon and that is carrying it through the long range. Models seem to be in flux at the moment in terms of how cool if it gets cool at all longer term so we will wait until they settle on something more definitive. Except for Fred in the who cares it is out in the ocean a million miles away department, the tropics are dead. gfs84Even though the ridge remains in strong heatwave mode in the east models are now digging a trough out in the Atlantic along 60 west. This is a little more amplified than indicated by models earlier and that allows a weather front to push down the coast and to our south. It will bring some relief to the heat and humidity until the trough lifts out later in the weekend. The only issue i see is the possibility of some clouds on Friday getting in the way because Friday is the only day when we have a stronger onshore flow. That disappears over the weekend with high pressure building over head.

Other than looks like terrific beach weather right through the rest of the week and Labor Day holiday weekend!