5 Day Forecast NYC, Northern NJ, Hudson Valley, Long Island, Ct

Regional Radar
Local Radar New York City
Local Radar Philadelphia
Tue Jan 22,2019
 26° – Sun High Clouds
Another bitter cold start but sunshine will take temperatures in the low to mid 20s. High clouds will increase later in the day and at night. Temperatures at night will hold steady
Wed: Jan 23,2019
 44° –
Chance Showers/Freezing Rain AM Inland
Some freezing rain is possible around daybreak but temperatures should warm into the 40s with some showers.
Thu: Jan 24,2019
 38° – Rain Early Ends Colder
Rain possible the first part of the day. It could change to snow before ending inland. Highs just in the 30s.
Fri: Jan 25,2019
 33° – Sunshine then Arriving Clouds
Sunshine giving way to some arriving clouds. Chance for a few snow showers at night.
Sat: Jan 26,2019
 29° – Sunshine & Cold
Sunshine and cold with highs just in the 20s.