Willard Scott Retires After 35 Years!

Willard Scott Retires After 35 Years!

Back in 1980 a very young and rather ambitious young man, still in college, got lucky enough and found himself co producing the Today Show weather segment around the same time that a weatherman from Washington DC came up to take the weather reigns on the Today Show. I was the ambitious young man and Willard Scott was the man who would begin 35 years at Today. He developed his signature 100 year old birthday announcements.

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I spent 2 year with Willard Scott and there is no greater gentleman, no greater class act than this man. He taught me many things about the business of television. I worked the show and then went to school after the show. It was tough getting in at 3am but what a wonderful 2 years it was with this wonderful man He retires on Tuesday when Today gives him a well deserved send off. We went to Detroit together for the Republican convention in 1980 and down to Washington in 1981 for President Reagan’s Inauguration. He was first and foremost a husband, father, family man, farmer and a wonderful human being with a big heart. He taught me that television was a business and not some ideal existence. Off camera he was and still is a friend. I have not seen Willard in many years but I do think of him often. He lasted longer than most do in this business, mainly due to his talent, fortitude, and the fact that he always stayed grounded in who he is.

Those two years went fast and when I went my own way to carve out my career, I always remembered the things he taught me that would carry me forward to this day. Willard, I truly wish you all the best in your retirement. I wish one day I could see you again over a breakfast of poached eggs and corned beef hash. I never left the office without a big smile. You spread joy where ever you go and I’m grateful that our lives crossed! God bless you in the years ahead!

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