Weekend Outlook: Coldest of the Season, Frost, Freeze, & Snow! (NOT HERE)

The weekend outlook remains the same as it has been for days. If you are inland of the immediate coast and away from the usually warmer urban areas it is probably a smart thing to bring your plants inside or at least close the the house as possible. The 2 mornings that are going to be the coldest will be Sunday morning and Monday morning. Sunday daytime will be the coldest day and it is likely that many areas just inland of the coast are not likely to get out of the 40s.

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Until then we have today which begins a cool down as the first in a series of cold fronts (3 of them) has moved on through. Temperatures behind this front will gradually cool down from the mid 60s to around 70 today to low and middle 60s for highs Thursday and Friday. No rain is forecast through early next week unless we wind up with a shower on Friday with the second front. Nights will be in the 40s to low 50s. That second front starts the real chill down Friday night but the coldest of the cold air arrives later Saturday to set up the 2 cold mornings of Sunday and Monday morning.


Also coming along with this is the first snow of the season in elevated areas of upstate New York and Northern New England as low pressure develops in Maine on Saturday and deepens as it moves east. It is that low that brings down the core of the cold air in here. A second weaker disturbance on Sunday could bring the first flurries to northern Pennsylvania perhaps as far east as the Poconos. This all falls under the category of a cheap thrill.


Total Snow doesn’t amount to much except for the elevated areas in Western Maine. Much of whatever falls in Northern New York will be driven by elevation and shouldn’t amount to much.


The cold air mass will begin to pull out rather quickly on Monday and by next Tuesday we should be back into the lower 60s for highs. Longer term this may be the last cold shot for awhile as the longer term pattern cuts Canada off for possibly the rest of the month of October. We will discuss this more later today. Meanwhile get the firewood ready!

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