The weekend forecast continues to remain on cruise control with no major changes in the outlook for today or Sunday. The weekend will be split up between the departing warm air mass and an arriving cooler air mass for Sunday which will be the dominating feature for the first part of next week. In between we have a cold front coming through late tonight. That front has showers and thunderstorms with it however once it pushes into Pennsylvania it loses all upper air support. The showers might make it into eastern Pennsylvania tonight before completely falling apart. Unless one or two of those showers survive the passage of the front near the coast should be dry and uneventful for the most part.

Sunday brings morning clouds that give way to sunshine and temperatures will be up to 10 degrees cooler for the afternoon highs. Monday and Tuesday will be cool and we will lean on the idea that the upcoming week will be dry. The temperature maps show the downtrend in temperatures from today into Monday where highs will probably be in the lower 70s in most places!

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However there is one complication for this week that we should continue watching and that is disturbed weather and low pressure off the southeast coast of the United States. Whenever you have a situation like this with high pressure to the north, we have to consider the possibility of clouds being thrown back from the east and the possibility of some showers as well. Clouds stand a chance of being thrown in but for now the chance for showers would appear to be remote for Tuesday and beyond but we still don’t want to completely discount the possibility.

Tropical Storm Ida has formed in the tropical Atlantic and if it threads the narrow needle of minimal shear it has a chance to strengthen over the next few days but as of now it looks to be mainly an ocean event in the far away eastern Atlantic. More on this on the tropical weather page.

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