Week Ahead: Freeze for Monday Morning, Warmup Follows, Watching Tropics

We have one more cold period of 48 hours to get through before a warm up gets underway Tuesday. Temperatures this morning are bottoming below freezing in many areas away from warmer urban areas like New York City, Philadelphia and Eastern New Jersey around Newark and a similar pattern shapes up tonight though there will be many areas tonight with clear skies and light winds. That means that frost is a possibility and a killing frost at that so if your plants escaped it this morning, they may not Monday morning. Freeze warnings are likely to go up again tonight into Monday morning.


By Tuesday afternoon you can expect temperatures to climb back up to the lower 60s in many locations. The cold air mass is pulling out to the east which is typical for this time of year. It can’t stay this cold for more than a few days.


The deep trough in the east pulls out and  a warm ridge builds right in. There is another disturbance moving southeast from Central Canada that will probably push a cold front through here on Thursday however the air behind this is not as cold and the trough not as deep as the one that is moving through right now.



As far as rain is concerned there is nothing major in sight through Wednesday and possibly even for the entire week as the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico remain cut off from delivering any kind of important moisture. However there will be a boundry that develops on Wednesday overhead which might produce a shower as warm air overruns some cooler air trying to press in from the north.


The tropics may wake up this week with 2 systems being shown by models. One is in the western Gulf of Mexico and the other in the Atlantic east of the Bahamas. As with all things in the tropics they have to show signs of development first so we will watch them as the evolve over the next few days.

Enjoy your Sunday of football, pumpkin picking or whatever you do but dress warmly as temperatures today may not get out of the 40s.

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