Another under performance by yet another weather front that moves to the east and weakens over time. Other than some localized 2 to 3 inch amounts (and i do mean localized) most of the rain was .50 or less. But at least it was something. With regards to the rest of the day if the sun breaks out and the air remains unstable I wouldn’t be surprised to see some pop up thunderstorms with some heavy downpours this afternoon so we need to keep an eye on this.

gfs54Now with regards to Saturday I don’t see any issues but i’m beginning to wonder about Sunday in that we will be in clouds at least and with this offshore low which is part of that subtropical possibility we have been talking about the last few days, you have to wonder whether rains come in from the east and move westward and I think we have to consider this.gem60All the models have this idea. So I guess the next question is whether this becomes something subtropical in nature. I would continue to suspect that marine conditions this weekend out in the ocean might not be too good as the seas get roughed up a bit. More on all this later today.