The coastal low has lost pretty much all chance of developing into a tropical or subtropical system but we haven’t been very concerned about that with regards to our weather here in the New York New Jersey Connecituct area. The issue for Sunday remains the same which is how much cloud cover spins back westward and whether any bands of showers work their way in off the ocean or perhaps develop overhead.

Notice the elongated north south area of moisture expanding to the east. Clouds are also beginning to build back westward along and just east of 70w. They should back westward to at least the coast late tonight and perhaps spread their way inland on Sunday. Situations like this will produce varied conditions that could range from Partly Sunny skies inland New Jersey and West of the Hudson River while there could be more of an overcast with breaks along the coast and over Connecticut and Long Island. I think some passing showers are possible tomorrow though how far inland they get remains to be seen. Certinaly Sunday will not be as nice as Saturday was. Temperatures tomorrow are tough because of clouds. Some places might not get out of the 70s while other areas that get more sun should get into the 80s.


The next front approaches for Tuesday. Monday we should be clouds and sun and there is a small chance for thunderstorms with highs in the 80s. Tuesday affords a better chance for thunderstorms and then lower humidity and dry air should take over Wednesday through Friday.