Weather Forecast Next Few Days, The Cool Down Begins!

The weather forecast for the next few days features a cold front that will be coming through which will begin the process of a gradual cool down. This will be followed by a second front on Friday and behind that we will see the coldest air of the autumn season so far for the weekend that has been telegraphed to us in the longer range guidance for quite awhile.

The weather system that is passing offshore is taking the Atlantic moisture well to the north and east and it never gets involved with the front itself so what we have is whatever the front can generate as it goes through. There looks to be 2 chances for showers or perhaps a thunderstorm. The first should pass through around midday and then there could be some showers late in the afternoon and evening. This really should be no big deal. Temperatures should reach the upper 60s and lower 70s for highs since we are starting from the 50s to near 60 in most places this morning so it won’t have too far to go; especially  if there are some breaks of sun in the mix.

Wednesday and Thursday will be dry with some sunshine both days. Temperatures will trend a little lower each day with Wednesday in the mid to upper 60s and Thursday in the middle 60s.

wednesday thursday

Friday’s cold front is similar to the one on Tuesday as it will also have limited moisture with it so we will allow for a few showers with that when it goes through. Again this should be no big deal, however it is behind that front that the cold air comes in for the weekend. A second disturbance in the cold air will produce the first snows for higher elevations in parts of upstate New York and then extending through Northern New England. I guess we can call it the first cheap thrill for those folks!

gfssnow gfs114For the coast there will be frosts and freezes over the weekend. Sunday morning will be cold but there will be enough of a wind to keep frosts at bay. 32 degree temperatures are possible except near the coast and in warmer urban areas. Sunday night we have a good shot for widespread frosts as long as we have clear skies and light winds. The one thing i am noticing is that the trough in the east is taking longer to pull out.

gfs144 gfs168This could be in response to a deeper system diving into the southwest and also the deeper storm off the coast of Spain which is taking longer to pull out. This may prolong the chilly temperatures into Monday. We will evaluate the longer term pattern during the day Tuesday when we have more model guidance to look at.

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