As far as the weather forecast goes there really isn’t too much happening with this very benign pattern we are in. Today was the 10th consecutive day with no rain and the streak could go right through the weekend. The European model has no rain to speak of until later next week! It basically has one high after another going by to our north and keeping us in a onshore flow with the northeast to east wind relaxing every few days before the next front comes through.



The one issue with the weather forecast over the weekend is low pressure off the east coast that drifts northward with an area of rain that weakens as it moves north. The European never gets it close while the gfs has a shrinking area of rain clipping the coast late in the weekend or on Monday. I honestly do not think it is anything to worry about as the dry pattern and the ridge in the east just seems to overwhelm and destroy any important moisture before it gets here.


As far as temperatures go, Thursday we will be in the 70s to around 80. Then Friday through the weekend temperatures will range from the upper 60s near the shore to 70 to 75 inland areas. Saturday through Monday clouds will be an issue with the northeast and east wind much like it was on Tuesday when clouds came in and hung around. You can see the low Sunday evening on the GFS above gets close but again, it weakens as it lifts northward, if it is even real.

Longer term there isn’t much that is going to change through the end of the month. Models keep flipping back and forth on a much cooler more active pattern for the first part of October as every run forms tropical systems that probably aren’t really there. Those systems tend to alter the long term pattern so it remains very difficult to get a grasp of where we are going as we head into October. Eventually the pattern has to break down but we just don’t seem to know when or how.

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