Weather Forecast Models Drinking Wine Long Range!

Weather Forecast Models Drinking Wine Long Range!

First off this Thanksgiving evening if you have leftover turkey that has dried out, no worries! You can simply revitalize that turkey into a warm moist meal simply by making gravy using other people’s wine!

Now on to the weather forecast models which over the short range seem very straight forward. The first thing is Friday which is the big shopping day. No weather issues anywhere other than the fact that the weather will seem more like Easter shopping than Christmas. Temperatures Friday will reach the 60s with clouds and some sunshine. Just be advised that overnight into Friday morning there could be some patchy dense fog that will restrict visibility so be careful if you are on the roads.

gfs48 weather forecast models

On to Saturday where the map above shows a cold front moving through. That front is very weak and will produce a few passing showers at worst if at all. The air mass building across upstate New York and New England is a chilly air mass but it is not a cold air mass so temperatures will head back to near normal on Saturday and a little below normal Sunday and Monday. Clouds will be around much of Saturday but on Sunday the clouds will sink southward and we should have a fair amount of sunshine both Sunday and Monday. Temperatures both days will be in the 40s.

The next weather front is going to approach on Tuesday and we will warm up into the 50s again and look for showers ahead of that front late Tuesday and Tuesday night. It shouldn’t be a big deal rain wise. This is the same weather system that a few days ago, models were trying to make a nor’easter. So much for that idea.

gfs132 weather forecast models

Longer range the next weather threat probably comes next weekend and of course, as usual models are all over the place. The late afternoon GFS has brought the idea of some sort of offshore low back into the picture. The Canadian run today however decided to celebrate Thanksgiving with us with just a little too much wine.

gem240 weather forecast models

Now there appears to be some sort of trough in the upper air that will be dropping into the eastern states next weekend but as we just learned, 10 days is too far ahead to even begin to speculate. I’m showing this only because I saw this making the rounds today on social media circles. We will watch to see what the long range models do with this over the next few days but at the moment, get excited over your Thanksgiving dessert and leftovers.