The weather forecast for today starts with morning clouds as a cold front moves on through. Dry air will be pushing in from the north on a nice northerly breeze that will develop as the day wears on so we look for increasing amounts of sunshine. Yesterday was the last day of 80 degree plus weather for this stretch. Temperatures today will be mostly in the 70s. Even cooler air arrives tonight and we should wake up to 50s everywhere tomorrow and even 40s in northern parts of the Lower Hudson Valley and interior Western New Jersey.


The issue for Monday and Tuesday will be how much cloud cover will we be dealing with. There should be some sunshine to start on Monday but a northeast flow off the ocean and high pressure from the north will likely bring in at least some cloud cover from the east and spread it inland. That will affect the temperatures by keeping them in the low to middle 70s. By days end tomorrow the light rain that develops from the onshore flow stays mainly to the south. By Tuesday we have low pressure offshore and that will probably feed more clouds in however north and northeast of the coast line there maybe some breaks of sunshine. Again clouds cover will probably put a lid on temperatures as will a northeast breeze.


During Wednesday with the first high going out and another high building down from the northwest, this will force the frontal boundry further offshore and bring back dry weather and sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. Unless there is a surprise, I think any ocean effect light rain or drizzle stays offshore through Tuesday. Beyond Wednesday there really isn’t anything that looks to produce any rain of consequence and it is quite possible that we could stretch the rain free streak which stands at 6 days today to at least 11 or 12. No important changes in the weather forecast pattern loom as we head toward the end of September but at least temperatures will be near or a little above normal instead of much above normal. September remains on pace to be the warmest September on record for many locations.

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