With the weather forecast on cruise control for the next several days the next cold front is due to arrive Saturday night. Before that Today through Saturday will be sunny and warm with daytime highs in the middle to upper 80s and nighttime lows in the 60s to lower 70s. There could be some patchy low clouds and fog during the nighttime and early morning hours in some places beginning late tonight but no big deal.  The nights are long now and we are only days away from having more darkness than daylight.

Now to the cold front. There really is much for this front to work on. No tropical moisture inflow, no Atlantic inflow, no Gulf of Mexico inflow…no nothing. gfs96

It comes through dry and behind the front is another dry air mass. This air mass is a little cooler in nature that this one and it will bring tempertures back down to near normal or perhaps even a notch or 2 below. But there is nothing in the cards which suggests any rain through the middle part of next week. The temperature profile for next week is pretty much near normal across the northeast. We should see highs Sunday through Tuesday in the 70s and nights dropping to the 40s and 50s which will be quite nice. cfs1

Giving a quick glance at the longer term I did notice a couple of things. Both the European and the GFS seem to want to bring down one cool high after another as a trough gets established along 60 W. We are on the westernmost edge of this so it puts us in the northwest flow which is nice and dry with seasonal temps for the most part. Also it appears something may be changing in terms of the overall pattern as we head into October. Im not sure what it means or where we are going other than that it looks dry pretty much until further notice. We are in day 3 of dry weather and no rain and this streak should get to at least 12 or 13 days given what I’m seeing at the moment. The tropics have some activity as 2 systems overnight have gotten better organized so be sure to see the latest on this on the tropical weather page.

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