Warmer Temperatures Showers Possible Late Thursday Into Friday Rain Friday Night Saturday

Warmer Temperatures Showers Possible Late Thursday Into Friday

Rain Friday Night Saturday

Cold air that started the week is now long gone and we have a warmer setup. High pressure is just offshore east of the Carolinas. High pressure is also to the  north in Southeast Canada but it is not particularly strong. In between we sit not really being dominated by either high so we can just move along. High clouds are streaming eastward ahead of the next system and cold front. It is also a sign of warmer air aloft so with all of that in mind we will probably see partly sunny skies. Clouds will dominate at times and the sun in others. Highs will reach the upper 50s and lower 60s. Some upside is possible if we somehow manage to have more sunshine develop.


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Tonight we will see more clouds as the atmosphere starts to moisten up. Showers crossing the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley will likely spread across Pennsylvania to Southern New England (and everyone in between) in the early morning hours. Most lows tonight will be in the 40s to around 50 degrees. While showers will be around they will be patchy so there may be some areas that see little overnight and others see more.

Thursday we see a cold front dropping southward from Eastern Canada. It is an east west front and while there could be some showers with that front there will be gaps on the radar. It seems that leaves us in clouds for much of the day but it will also be on the warm side. Highs will reach the 60s and we could see upper 60s to even some lower 70s from South Jersey south and west if the sun can manage to cut through the cloud cover.

The cold front moves through and drops southward into Virginia where it comes to a halt. To the west we have a developing low in the Lower Mississippi Valley that will head northeast and up the west side of the Appalachians. Friday will be a cloudy gloom and doom type of day and with an ocean wind developing, it will be on the raw side. Highs will just be into the 50s.

Friday night into at least part of Saturday we will see rain as the warm front pushes northward. This is a time of year where sometimes warm fronts get through and we go into the warm sector. Most times though the warm front really struggles and that makes temperatures and conditions difficult to forecast depending on location.

The forecast high temperature map suggests the the warm front doesn’t make it much further north than Maryland/Delware and that leaves everyone from Central NJ southward to the warm front boundary in the low and middle 50s. North and east of there into Southern New England and Long Island as well as the Hudson Valley we don’t get much out of the 40s. Rain should come to an end later in the day as the low passes to our north and a cold front moves through. This should leave us in a better place Sunday with sunshine. Highs Sunday will be in the 50s since the air behind this system is not that cold. Also we are in the time of year that having the sun out can actually make temperatures higher behind a weather system than ahead of it.




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