Upper Ridge Builds In The East Warm Dry Week Ahead 90 Degrees Possible Wednesday Thursday

Upper Ridge Builds In The East Warm Dry Week Ahead

90 Degrees Possible Wednesday Thursday


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Upper Ridge Builds In The East Warm Dry Week Ahead

90 Degrees Possible Wednesday Thursday

In the spring in the Northeast, when it seems that it will never get warm, it always eventually does. The weekend has been okay so far. Today we see another day with the same pattern of the last few days. You start with sun before clouds develop. The only difference today is that the upper air disturbance to the west that is moving our way is a little stronger than the ones of the last two days. This will produce more clouds than sun and there is a slightly higher chance that someone sees some scattered showers or thunderstorm. There are some already scattered around on the radar. It isn’t a big deal though. Most of you won’t see much of anything. The best chance is inland in Western New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and points south. Temperatures today will reach the low and middle 70s. Overall not perfect but not bad.


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Moving on to the new week, a well advertised ridge of high pressure will build along and west of the coast into the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley. This ridge will allow two things to happen. Temperatures will trend warmer and there will be little to no rain all week along.

While we always need to be on guard for back door fronts in some form or another, the ridge is so strong that it seems we won’t see one all week. Other than an upper trough that might trigger a shower or thunderstorm Thursday night or early Friday morning when it goes by, we see little to no rain here all week.  It may be a while before the next front comes through.

Early clouds will give way to sunny skies Monday. Highs will be in the low to mid 70s. After Monday with sunshine forecast each day through Thursday, temperatures will head higher. Tuesday highs will reach the upper 70s to lower 80s.

Wednesday and Thursday set up as days where temperatures could outperform by 3 to 5 degrees as long as there is enough sunshine. With the ridge holding and in fact strengthening, we think that this is possible and while the forecast highs for Wednesday are in the low to mid 80s, it is possible that the range will be more like 85 to perhaps near 90 degrees for highs away from the immediate coast.

If for whatever reason we fall short on Wednesday, Thursday provides another shot at highs in the mid 80s to around 90 degrees with only minimal sea breeze issues along the coast. The ridge in the east is bringing warm temperatures all the way up into New England.

Other than that chance for a shower or thunderstorm Thursday night, it appears that the upper ridge will hold into next weekend which means the warm above average temperatures continue with little to no rain. Suddenly it is really spring warmth…almost summer warmth!




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