satLooking at the tropical satellite at first glance and you see there is some active weather scattered about with nothing organized. But a closer look reveals the hostile conditions that exist at the moment. Strong westerly winds aloft dominate the flow thanks to a strong upper low east of 60W. Take a look at the loop of these images and you can see the tops of thunderstorms being blown away to the northeast. This is hostile to tropical storm development.sat1Until the profile in this part of the Atlantic changes it is hard to see where there is room for tropical storm development. In the Eastern Atlantic there is a system that is south of the Cape Verde Islands that is of minor interest at this point.satWhen you look at the loop here we don’t see strong westerlies affecting this system. It is sitting at around 10 degrees north so we will watch to see what happens to this as it moves across. Up until now anything that has moved off the African coast has fallen apart so until proven otherwise we will assume the same thing will happen to this one. The key to development will be if it manages to stay far enough south to avoid the stronger westerlies aloft that exist in the Central Atlantic. For the time being all remains quiet.




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