It should be no surprise to anyone that Erika is no more.The system has been ripped apart between the hostile conditions aloft and the land terrain of Hispaniola and Eastern Cuba. Rengeneration is always possible when it gets into the Eastern Gulf but right now I wouldn’t hold my breath over that possibility as conditions are okay there but I can see some southerly shear. Im still waiting on Danny!!

Of course let us not waste any time as the next weather system has moved off the African coast and it looks very well developed. It is also pretty far south and not even at the Cape Verde Islands yet so this will probably have a good shot at becoming a tropical storm in a few days however the conditions aloft that existed with Danny and Erika will probably be there in some form for this one. I will of course wait and see what happens.

Finally Hurricane Jimena is rapidly becoming at category 5 hurricane in the east/central Pacific and I put it up there because of how great it looks on the satellite loop this morning with a well formed eye. It has a classic look to it and it will most likely go to the cold water graveyard in few days like most Pacific hurricanes do.