satTonight’s tropical satellite picture and latest loops show that the system in the far eastern Atlantic appears to be getting better organized. As long as it stays in a low shear environment this system has potential to develop into a tropical depression in the next few days as it moves to the west. However take a look at the clouds in the central Atlantic. That is an upper low that has been sitting there and it is producing strong westerly winds across the islands and out into the Atlantic. It has ripped apart a tropical wave over Puerto Rico. That is going to be a formidable feature for any system to get around as long as it sits there in the Central Atlantic. sat1Click on the loop link here and watch the clouds over the islands. You can see how they shoot out to the northeast. That is upper air shearing that is going on. To the north of that you can see the upper low in the Central Atlantic circulating. What that upper low does over the next few days may be key to anything that happens in the Atlantic.