Attention begins to shift westward over the next few days and even though Tropical Depression Ida is still around and hanging on, it really isn’t a factor in our weather here or anywhere close so we will ignore it unless it becomes relevant.

Overnight models are showing changes here and they may be tropically linked as we see 2 areas of tropical moisture and disturbed weather with lot of shower and thunderstorm activity from Northwest Caribbean to the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Low pressure is going to form here but conditions are not very favorable for development. However it is a moisture feed into the Southeast and Gulf States and this is something that we want to keep an eye on.

More importantly for is all the action off the east coast right now with showers and thunderstorms off the Carolinas and what appears to be a low that is trying to form east of the Bahamas. Conditions there are somewhat favorable for development over the 2 days.

Whether this system does or doesn’t develop, models to develop low pressure off the east coast this week and it appears that this system could eventually become absorbed by what every non tropical low that forms, or perhaps attempts to maintain a separate identity at least for awhile. Models are showing this across the board so this adds another thing for us to watch over the next few days.


Honestly I’m more interested in how that tropical moisture does or doesn’t get involved with the approaching front and possible low pressure development along the coast the next few days. We really need the rain here and if this can somehow get entrained in all that will be happening it will be a good thing. After tomorrow with the approaching front, conditions become unfavorable for tropical storm development but in the end it doesn’t matter if a non tropical wave develops on that front and brings moisture along with some wind and rain up here later this week. Lots to watch!!! Read more from my post earlier today.

Check the latest marine forecast for our area and the local forecast . Small Craft Advisories are posted for us for the weekend as rough ocean conditions develop from an onshore flow.

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