Tropical Depression 10 formed this morning out in the eastern Atlantic. It has broad circulation however there has been slight increase in thunderstorms this afternoon. This has the potential to become a tropical storm and conditions seem okay for gradual strengthening over the next day or 2 however this is really of no interest to us at this point. Of closer concern is the disturbed weather off the southeast coast of the United States as low pressure is developing off the Florida coast.

This visbible satellite loop below does appear to show a circulation trying to develop off the Florida coast at least at higher levels however this is still a cold core system at its heart. There is some strong convection off the Carolinas moving away to the northeast while clouds along the coast are moving southwest. So there is some sort of elongated low in there somewhere.

The European model was the only model trying to show rain moving up the east coast and today’s model run has backed away from that idea as it joins the other models. Still one would need to keep an eye on this as moisture could come close at least with regards to cloud cover.

The weekend forecast for us is easy. Two air masses. One going out and one coming in. Warm and humid Saturday…Cooler and less humid Sunday..just a few clouds Saturday night with a weather front and still leaving showers out of the forecast. Monday through Wednesday will be cool with some sunshine. We will have to see if any ocean clouds come into the mix later Monday and on Tuesday. The threat for rain seems to have diminished for now but again I think this still needs to be watched over the weekend.

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