Thunderstorms For The Evening Rush Hour, A Nice Holiday Weekend

Latest satellite and radars are showing a line of showers and a few thunderstorms which will arrive in time for the evening rush hour drive home. This is the cold front that will be moving through. There will be a few heavier downpours but the speed of the moving line will probably mean that rainfall amounts will be under half an inch and should not be too problematic. The Storm Prediction center has indicated that there is a marginal risk for severe weather this evening and it is possible that a couple of storms in this line will get strong.

Once we get through the evening hours, the front should clear the coastline rather quickly and skies should clear out after midnight setting us up for what should be a nice start to the holiday weekend. Sunshine with just a few passing clouds are forecast for Saturday. Temperatures however will be 10 to 15 degrees cooler for highs in the afternoon.

saturday saturday1

Saturday night we will see clear skies and light winds so inland areas are likely to see temperatures down in the 30s for the first time this autumn but I think they should stay above levels that would produce a frost. Temperatures will begin to rebound Sunday and Monday and we should be back into the low 70s in most places Monday afternoon. Enjoy the holiday weekend. Colder weather is coming later next week and that could bring the first frosts of the fall season. The weather pattern appears to be shifting to a colder look and JOESTRADAMUS will talk about this later this evening.

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