Looking at the weather maps for the week ahead it isn’t too often that we can put the forecast to bed for 5 days and go to sleep. Wake me up when the next cold front arrives but that is in fact the case. This week could turn out to be a beautiful week of weather from Monday through Friday. The pattern is pretty well locked into a ridge position in the east with no sign that it will move at all. That means no rain, sunshine and temperatures that gradually turn warmer as the week rolls on. Humidity may not really be an issue until late in the week as it it going to take time for any moisture even at low levels to return. The only issue at some point late this week might be some night time or early morning low clouds and that really is about it.

First off for today weather conditions will begin to slowly improve as the upper trough moves through. All the real energy with this will be to the north. Yesterday it looked like there might be some leftover downpours today and while that may still the case they should be few and far between.

gfs42 gfs66The upper trough that brought the rain last night rapidly moves to the east and deepens off Nova Scotia and the ridge in the east just flies back up. After a cool day on Monday with morning temps in the 50s and daytime highs in the 70s, Tuesday through Friday will be dry and mainly sunny with no rain and daytime temperatures in the 80s; eventually reaching the middle to upper 80s later in the week. It might not get to 90 as the ridge is not super strong as it was earlier last week but I won’t rule out 90 in some places later this week. Low clouds might be an issue in some places during nighttime and early morning hours and that is just about it. The next cold front is not due until late Saturday or Saturday night.gfs168This front doesn’t look to have a whole lot with it at this point and there is nothing in the weather pattern which suggests any wide spread rain for the next 7 to 10 days. With a subdued tropics the rain we received the last 3 days will be it for awhile.

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