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The Janiec Family Fire Fund

The Janiec Family Fire Fund

This is a horrible thing that has happened to my friend and co worker Robert Janiec. On Christmas Eve while at midnight mass, Robert’s house burned down. This is his posting from his Facebook Page. Please if you could find it in your heart to donate even the smallest of amounts it would be a great help to Robert and his family. The following is what happened Thursday night.

First I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. As for us–probably the worst Christmas we will ever remember. When i got home from the early morning shift my mother and i were going to the 12pm mass. My grandmother just came from the Polish mass earlier that morning and was going to bake kluski (a polish dish). At the home. My dog (bobus – pronounced bow-bush – polish) was just laying around like any typically dog. My mom and I went to church. While in church i was a little exhausted and i just could not wait to go home and take nap a little. In church for some reason in the midst of the music I kept hearing a dog bark. It almost sounded as if it was my dog. I almost leaned over to my mom and told her do you hear that? But the barks stopped. I then began to tremble a little bit. Don’t know why. Maybe exhaustion? But they too went away. Nearing the end of the mass i received a call from home. Knowing it was grandma I found it strange for her to call me during mass. So it went to voicemail. I received another call right away-puzzled I answered the phone. I cannot describe to you the panic in my grandmother’s voice–THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE! I immediately jump from my seat and told my mom lets go.

When I got home I could not believe the amount of black smoke pouring out of our home. My mom and I could not believe what we are seeing. My grandma thankfully was made it out fine. I hugged her and kissed her saying everything will be okay. She said to my in polish “Robus, the dog is still inside.” Our hearts sank. She she said she tried to get him out but the smoke was too much for her. I immediately didn’t know what to do but try to run inside and save him myself–i knew where he slept. I ran through the back door but the smoke was so thick i had to drop to the floor and crawl. I only had about four inch of air space crawling and i made it as far as to the basement door. As I neared the basement doorway the heat from the floor was so intense and the black smoke shooting up from the basement was too intense for me to get to my puppy. Sadly I ran out of the house shouting my puppy is still inside. I was screaming for the firefighters to get him out. They eventually broke into my moms bedroom window, where he laids next to her every night, and found him laying on the floor on his bed. The firefighters pulled him out but it was too late. We tried saving him. My brother, the medic and myself tried to give him air, oxygen, cpr but nothing could bring him back. It was devastating for us. He will be missed soo muchand never forgotten–love you Bobus’ forever and ever. Hopefully you are in Dad’s arms. RIP 2005-2015.

While the home is not livable amd we lost everything we didnt lose the love for one other. In fact it brought us even closer. The home can be rebuilt I’m just glad nobody else was hurt esp my grandmother who was inside made it out.

I want to thank my family and friends for being so supportive. I also want to thank my neigbors for comforting us and trying to save my dog before we made it home. It was very brave of them but I’m so glad they were not hurt and i thank you all. My family and I also wanted to thank the Bloomfield FD, Bloomfield PD, Nutley FD, the medics and everyone for all that you have done. We are thankful for being surrounded by such caring and wonderful people. –Love you all.

Sharon Delia our wonder and loving neighbor started a gofundme.comsite called The Janiec Fire Fund. Sharon you did not have to but thank you for looking out for us. Many hugs and kisses from us to your family.

Robert Janiec's photo.