Robert Moses beach this evening. Late summer evenings are wonderful and with the warmer than normal temps combined with water temperatures at the highs for the season and you have really nice swimming weather. The water temps felt like they were in the upper 70s and it was warmer than it was on Saturday when it felt like 75 or so based on my guess. Im usually pretty close with my estimates.

Rip currents did not appear to be a problem as low tide approached. You can see the fog deck offshore getting ready to come inland and in fact as we were leaving around sunset the fog bank began to move from offshore and started to push over the beach.

With the pattern remaining relatively unchanged the only issues will be a backdoor front pushing through Thursday that could trigger a thunderstorm or 2 in a few spots. Then it is lower humidity for Friday and Saturday. Friday there may be some cloud issues for awhile unti the high from the north builds southward. But Saturday should be blue skies and sunshine with highs in the low 80s. The high moves south of us on Sunday so the temperatures and humidity will begin to climb up again with 90 being in the cards for Monday Labor Day and Tuesday as well.

We should keep a side eye on the southeast coast as there will be lower than normal pressures there and some thunderstorms from a trough and the remnants of Erika. We have seen 3 “home grown” tropical storms so far this season and it seems this may be the one way tropical systems will be able to get going under the right conditions. Tropical Atlantic systems have too much shearing to deal with and are unlikely to survive unless the upper lows in the central Atlantic decide to relax and pull northward. You can still see tropical storm Fred in the eastern Atlantic as convection seems to have flared up again this evening. You can see all the clouds north of 25n moving from west to east with the strong upper lows in the north central Atlantic. And there is still shearing going on in the tropical atlantic as well.