Steelhead Fishing Pulaski NY: No Fish Today!

Steelhead Fishing Pulaski NY: No Fish Today!

We tried on our first day of fishing in Pulaski, New York but it was a very tough day. Fish were few and far between. No hookups and all the other anglers on the river today didn’t seem to have much luck. One guy landed a nice 20 inch chrome while another fought with a large rainbow for about 15 minutes when his line snapped just as he was about to land it. Such was the luck today steelhead fishing. But we live to fish another day and we will give it another try first thing in the morning before heading back home Sunday night. The weather up here has been rather warm with temperatures in the low 50s this morning. Colder air is due to arrive tonight into Sunday and hopefully this will wake the fish up a bit.

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Back home  today featured lots of clouds as last night’s cold front did a great job getting hung up for awhile. High pressure builds in tonight through Monday. Temperatures will fall off  tonight into the 30s to near 40 except mid 40s in warmer urban areas. Sunshine Sunday and Monday will make for 2 good days with seasonal temperatures. Highs both days in the 50s



Low pressure is forecast to develop off the southeast coast and it appears that there will be enough development and enough moisture to bring rain up the coast during Tuesday and Tuesday night. With an onshore flow we will probably see temperatures not much above the low to mid 50s along with gray skies and occasional rain. The wave will move out Tuesday night and weather conditions will improve on Wednesday with sunshine and highs should head back into the upper 50s to just over 60.


The next important cold front will be approaching later Thursday and Thursday night with a good shot for showers once it gets close. Behind it look for cooler temperatures which should bring things back to normal next weekend.