snow forecast

Snow Forecast For Tonight

Snow forecast maps have been few and far between but we have need for one today. Low pressure is moving up the east coast offshore and an arctic front is pushing east at the same time. Between the two we should see some snow showers from the northern systems that could cause a burst of snow in some places (and not others) while along coastal and Southern New Jersey and Southern New England including Long Island there should be a steadier period of snow or snow showers that could leave a coating to maybe an inch over eastern areas late this afternoon and this evening.


snow forecast

National Weather Service Snow forecast maps are at this link or are on the maps below.

With regards to the weather system possibility for the end of the week models seem to all be lining up for something to happen late Friday and Saturday of this coming week. We are very early in this process. Please understand that me explaining what is happening in meteorologically and putting out a specific forecast (which I am not doing) are two different things. Some people never get this far in the reading process and have pre conceived notions about how weather looks. I do not hype, I explain. My way of doing things is not for everyone. This is the purpose of my weather page and my videos. I appreciate all comments and thoughts expressed but if your purpose is to reflexively comment with insults and what I consider stupid shit, then I would suggest that my weather page is not for you. There are other weather pages out there that might better suit your purpose. I say this because I find it really annoying when it becomes obvious that someone is commenting reflexively in order to be nasty. I’ve done this professionally for 35 years. Thank you to all who take the time to be here!!

Video discussion of today’s snow and the week ahead.