Skiing In The Rockies For Thanksgiving!

Skiing In The Rockies For Thanksgiving!

Skiing for Thanksgiving is going to be a big deal this Thanksgiving out west as we have a large area of Winter Storm Warnings in effect for the Northern Rockies from Wyoming northward and warnings are also up for parts of Utah, Nevada, Western Oregon and California. Last year skiing in the east was the big deal in the wake of a pre Thanksgiving travel day snowstorm from the interior mid Atlantic to upstate NY and New England. This year it is in reverse.

In addition Winter Storm Watches are up tonight for parts of North Texas and Western Oklahoma into parts of Kansas for freezing rain. Other than that we no weather related travel issues for the rest of the nation and the entire east coast from Maine to Florida west to the entire Mississippi Valley.

More on the current winter storm warnings at 

We will begin to see temperatures moderate during the day Wednesday with highs reaching back into 50 with plenty of sunshine. Now Thursday Thanksgiving day we will have some cloud issues as an onshore flow develops however unless there is a spot shower, Thanksgiving should be dry with temperatures making a run back to the upper 50s and even a few lower 60s. Radars today are quiet across the northeast and will remain so into Thursday.


Friday will be the warmest day of the week for shopping or whatever you may be doing as part of your long holiday weekend. A cold front comes through Saturday morning with nothing more than a shower..then it looks colder and dry over the weekend with some sun and clouds and high temperatures reaching into the 40s.

In case you missed it last night we have the winter forecast from Dr Judah Cohen who is the creator of the Siberian Snow Cover Index and some longer range indicator analysis for the first part of December and what it all means (or doesn’t mean) so do check it out.






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