Refrigerator To Open Slightly Late Next Week

Refrigerator To Open Slightly Late Next Week

The refrigerator from Canada looks like it will open slightly late next week into next weekend as the pattern of strong ridges in the east takes a break for a few days and allows Canada to send down a package of cold air. However do not expect it to last more than a day or 2 as the ridge in the east is set to build up yet again for the start of Christmas week. The refrigerator door gets shut very quickly.


If there is anything different about this set up is that the next deep trough out in the west looks to move eastward in a hurry so we won’t be in the ridge position for too long unlike this week. The cold shot of air will bring temperatures back to seasonal if not a few degrees below normal next Saturday and possibly Sunday. Perhaps on Saturday we will see a day with temperatures not getting out of the 30s and New York City may finally go below 32 degrees. Then the refrigerator door shuts again given the horrible pattern across Canada.


It is the same old story. Northern Canada and the arctic remains locked up though there is some colder air bleeding down Western Canada into the Rockies. Another system in the southwest is getting ready to get kicked out to the northeast. About the only thing positive I can say about this is that the ridge is flatter and not shooting up where we get to 20 degrees above normal for 4 days in a row. Instead it will probably be somewhere in the +5 range!!!


This is a pretty bizarre looking jet stream pattern. Very deep trough in the west with a flat ridge in the east which is at 7pm Christmas day. The pattern across Canada and the Arctic looks to be completely locked up. I think if this holds, December will finish up in the top 5 warmest and possibly the warmest on record. This follows the warmest November on record and the warmest autumn on record. On top of all this is the fact that it seems to rain here now once every 10 days to 2 weeks which is not good for the increasing drought conditions across our area.

With regards to next week’s weather we will get some rain Monday into Monday night in the form of downpours and perhaps even a rare December thunderstorm. The late week system as I explained in the video doesn’t appear to have any susbtance to it as the northern stream feature overwhelms it completely. The cold shot comes in for next Friday night into Sunday and then it pulls out. There is no blocking to hold cold air in and no vortex in eastern Canada of any kind at all. I will address this further later today.









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