NYC Weather Today In the 70s One Last Time

NYC Weather Today will be in the 70s and perhaps for the last time for awhile if not for good. I know that’s a bit of a stretch prediction but we have 2 chilly air masses separated by a cold front coming through this evening. The front may produce A shower (1) and then that’s it. It will cool down some tonight but then we will have probably 5 days in a row of temperatures struggling to get back to 60 by day.

friday friday2

We have a wide and tight view of high temperatures for Friday so you can get a sense of where the coldest air is. It is quite chilly in upstate New York but this air mass is the opposite of the last one in that the low level cold air is colder relative the the conditions aloft which are actually not all that cold. In other words the cold air mass is rather shallow in nature. Saturday morning lows will be below freezing just inland north and west of urban areas Saturday morning. Saturday’s highs will be in the 50s to around 60.


The next cold front arrives on Sunday morning with minimal shower activity again and from there it is back to clouds and some sunshine by Sunday afternoon and it looks dry with some sunshine but chilly through Tuesday with highs in the 50s. Beyond Tuesday overnight models bring in the first of what should be a series of rain producing weather systems into the northeast.  Early views by models are that they could be decent widespread rain producers. This is total rain over the next 8 days which basically covers next Wednesday night into Thursday night as the only rain event we are concerned about at the moment.

Enjoy the beautiful day of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s before the autumn chill settles in.