New York City Weather For Marathon Looks Good For Runners

New York City Weather For Marathon Looks Good For Runners

Weather conditions tonight look fairly tranquil as a cooler air mass builds in for Friday and the weekend. Satellite loop shows the storm in Eastern Canada that brought us all the rain yesterday moving to the east bringing in the cooler air. No changes in the forecast through Monday. Im not seeing any complications so other than struggling with how much cloud cover, the forecast looks fairly straight foward.

Friday should be no worse than a mix of sun and clouds and Saturday we will have sunshine with some high clouds. Highs both days won’t be getting out of the 50s. Friday night is likely to be clear with light winds so we will see temperatures below freezing in the usual areas and closer to 40 in the warmer urban locations.


Sunday there are 2 systems with each going their own separate ways. One will pass to the north and the other eventually will pass through the south. No phasing will occur between the 2 so the issue will be how much cloud cover masks sunshine. Temperatures Sunday will be back near or above 60 depending on how much cloud cover.

Monday through Wednesday looks like more of the same idea with clouds and some sun each day and temperatures in the 60s. I don’t think the moisture to the south will be any issue for us. The weather through midweek looks very quiet.

Longer range we may get warm for a couple of days toward the end of next week but that will depend on whether a weather front to the north gets here or not. We will battle that idea in a couple of days when it becomes more relevant.

New York Marathon runners will have pretty good conditions. It won’t be too cold or too warm. Winds won’t be a big deal. No rain is forecast. Overall it is looking pretty ideal for runners on Sunday.