New Jersey Forecast: Coldest So Far This Autumn: Frost & Freeze

New Jersey forecast: With a cold front moving through during Friday morning we will see perhaps a shower go by before sunrise. Afterwards we will go to sunshine and temperatures on Friday will top in the low to mid 60s on average. The well advertised cold air comes in Saturday and the core of the cold air will be with us from Saturday night through Monday morning.

Sunday afternoon we will have an upper air disturbance creating an unstable atmosphere in the cold air and that could mean a few rain showers and in some higher elevations some flurries might appear. This is one of those odd scenarios that you just don’t see very often and if you do see a flurry or two you will probably need to be at least above 1000 feet in Northern New Jersey and in the Hudson Valley.

For New Jersey it probably will be too warm. Maybe if this were a few weeks down the road in November we would get a cheap thrill too. Here is your New Jersey weather forecast from FiOS1 News

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Sunday morning and Monday morning could see temperatures near 32 and that could mean frosts or freezes depending on winds and cloud cover. My suspicion is Monday morning would be the better chance for a frost or freeze between the 2 days though in some areas it could be for both. Warmer urban areas closer to New York City should stay above 32.



After Monday morning the core of the cold air will pull out quickly and we should warm up back into the 60s and perhaps near 70 Wednesday and Thursday. There are still no big storms on the horizon for the next 5 to 7 days as the weather pattern remains benign for the most part.

In case you missed it, the National Weather Service came out with its winter outlook and JOESTRADAMUS has his own opinion about this.