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Most Accurate Weather App Is Joe Cioffi’s Weather App!

Most Accurate Weather App Is Joe Cioffi’s Weather App!

I’m allowed to say that since it is my forecast, and I do try though admittedly I am human (rumors to the contrary). That being said why settle for a weather app where you a computer generated digital forecast that really doesn’t tell you anything. My weather app is free and a subscription is just 99 cents a month! That’s it. Less than a cup of coffee whether it is in a Duncan Doughnuts or Starbucks coffee cup.

Why get the app? Well for one thing, you get forecasts written in English twice a day. Plus you get a forecast tailored for the New York, New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Long Island and Southern New England. The app knows where you are so you get the forecast tailored to your zone. Plus you get my JOESTRADAMUS pieces delivered straight to your phone at least 3 hours before everyone else! It is right there..on your phone..your own personal meteorologist that goes with you everywhere! Impress your annoying name dropping friends who name drop their plastic surgeon or their urologist by asking whether they have their own personal meteorologist! Watch their faces light up green with envy. And just wait until the first snowstorm hits. They will be on bread milk and eggs line while I will have already directed you to the wine beer and cigar store to have all supplies restocked!


But seriously that 99 cents goes a long way for me. Use the app in conjunction with the website and that buck will allow me to soon expand my coverage even further. And it gets me a cigar and a beer every once in while too! Nothing makes me happier than delivering my work to my audience and would love for you to enjoy the full experience. The app is totally free of advertising and has no security or tracking issues for you to worry about.

So download today for android or i-phone. The download is free.

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