The holiday weekend now heads into its third and final day and the the Labor Day weather forecast looks very good. It will be another day of sunshine however the core of the dry air has now moved to the east and we will begin the process of increasing the humidity over the next several days. Hot air has been building over the Plains and it will begin moving in tomorrow as temperatures climb to the mid to upper 80s. At least there will be one more comfortable sleeping night tonight with most temperatures in the 60s to near 70s with some 50s in cool spots.

sunday monday mondaydewThe dew points tomorrow will be in the lower 60s which really isn’t all that humid but it will be higher than today. Tuesday and Wednesday we will see a definite climb in the dew points as temperatures run to 90 or better in spots. The next cold front is coming a little faster and the models are now far less bullish for rain though I do think we should get some. Areas west of New York City should see showers as early as Wednesday evening with some showers and thunderstorms running around on Thursday.gfs90gfs114We have a lead system that moves through Wednesday night but because the upper support remains broken and disjointed we are probably going to see some showers stretched through the period from Wednesday night into next Thursday night. The main front will probably see a wave forming on it but because the upper support hangs back in the great lakes the rains won’t be all that widespread. Hopefully we will get something out of this but there will be considerable variability. Dry air should arrive in time for next weekend when temperatures return closer to normal for a couple of days. Models have backed off from the dynamic look some were giving yesterday so the drought conditions overall won’t be relieved by this weather system.

In summary the Labor Day weather forecast looks good and if you decide to stretch your time off by an extra day or two the weather will be summery. All the kiddies will be back to school on Tuesday. Dress them cool in the very warm air as they will likely still be in summer mode.