JOESTRADAMUS Long range for the next 2 weeks looks like we are going to revert back to a ridge in the east. Models have been advertising this for many days now and it seems to want to be a very warm September given the overall pattern around the globe. After a brief interruption with a trough in the east this weekend let’s see how this all plays out.

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Look at the difference that 48 hours makes as we go from a deep trough to a strong ridge in just 2 short days. With everything moving along in the atmosphere, it isn’t really a big surprise. The ridge wants to be in the east as a deep trough forms along and off the west coast so up it comes in the blink of an eye.euro120


By 120 hours it is in full force. Now the question as far as the day to day weather goes will be how much if any cloud cover and what direction will the surface winds be. That will be the ultimate determiner as to how high temperatures wind up getting in this next warm surge.



The players are all in position. Strong ridge in the east, deep trough in the west, and a strong southwest flow from the southwest into Eastern Canada. You can’t get a much warmer look than this unless the ridge were a little further west and north but this is formidable enough to keep things very warm and also very dry in terms of rain. The next real change doesn’t appear until next weekend as the ridge in the east weakens some and  moves east while a trough develops in the Great Lakes.



That trough however has no staying power as the trough off the west coast is just too dominant a feature and strengthens again. This forces that short wave to basically move northeast instead of digging down. The ridge in the east is still there and also flexes some muscle.



In the end it looks like after Sunday our chances for rain are small, the likelihood of above normal or much above normal temperatures is high. September and October have a reputation for being dry quiet months. JOESTRADAMUS see’s autumn is going to be coming in on a warm dry note.


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