Joestradamus though it might be a good idea to take a different view of what is going on in the longer range over the next week or so. Short term we have that trough along the east coast which is going to give us dry and somewhat cooler than normal weather over the next few day but as you look at the map above 2 obvious features stand out. One is the high that is building in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We have not really seen a typical Bermuda high set up but one is eveident here that is trying to develop while on the edge of the picture you can see the ridge in the Rockies with the weak troughing in between that is getting ready to move out.

euro96There isn’t much change through 96 hours which takes us into the weekend. There will be a weak front approaching but unlike today’s this one will not have the support to produce widespread thunderstorm activity but there could certainly be some scattered storms late Saturday into Saturday night.

euro144By 144 hours or early next week the Atlantic ridge extends east west all the way across the the European pulls the westerlies northward. This should set the stage for warmer then normal temps across the northeast for early next week. Now we can shift the look to North America at 168 and there really isnt too much change. Weather systems that may attempt to come through will remain weak. Cool air will probably retreat into Canada for awhile given this unless back door fronts threaten.euro168Not much changes out to day 10 either with a system in the plains continuing to help maintaining ridging in the east so warmer than normal temperatures should continue.
euro240Now with regards to tropical activity through the period the few things we can say is that there doesn’t appear to be a change in the overall pattern that favors below normal activity. Also with the absence of a trough in the east even if something were to develop there would not be a setup that favors tropical storms to come barreling up the east coast. The bottom line is that we have more of the same overall with some subtle differences showing up. The long term dry pattern over our area is likely to continue with this scenario. Nothing here suggests a change.