Joe’s Forecast Coldest Weather of the Season, Frost Freeze & Snow Up North.

There are no weather changes for the weekend as we have been on course for the coldest weather of the winter season so far and this continues to be the case. Sunday morning and Monday morning are going the be the 2 coldest of the stretch and there will be frosts and freezes away from warmer urban areas and the immediate coast but it will be dependent of wind and any cloud cover. This is a cold air mass that is coming down and begin re-enforced by a developing low off the coast of Northern New England. We will be seeing the first snow of the season across Northern New England and in elevated areas of upstate New York and Northern Pennsylvania though I think the snow there should be light in nature or mixed with rain. Elevation will play a key role in what falls. This is more of cheap thrill than anything else.

gfssnow gemsnow

I think the gfs overdoes the snows in the upper Hudson Valley into the Berkshires of Massachusetts and it will probably more on the order of snow showers and flurries. Interior Northern New England and Northern Maine may pick up a few inches in places. The Canadian is much less robust. Again early season cheap thrill.

With regards to our temperatures here many areas just inland of the coast and away from urban areas of New York City and Philadelphia will go below 32 Sunday and Monday morning.

saturday sunday monday
Sunday during the day will be very cold especially if there are clouds around and I could envision temperatures near the coast getting only back to around 50 and many inland areas not even getting out of the 40s which would be a good 15 degrees or more below normal. The core of the cold air pulls out during a morning beginning a nice warmup. Longer term the question of to block or not to block has returned on today’s models and JOESTRADAMUS has more on this.

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